Mission statement

The Isvara Foundation is a progressive trust that awards grants to civil society organisations working to halt the unsustainable and socially destructive neo-liberal policies that characterize the currently dominant process of corporate-led globalisation. The Foundation supports campaigns targeting international institutions that impose policies that benefit transnational corporations but harm local communities and which threaten to cause worldwide ecological collapse. In addition to advocacy for radical change in the global centres of power, the foundation supports local campaigns against the damaging neoliberal transformation in countries around the world which is driven by these institutions, including the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank, the European Commission, etc.

Priority topics include:

The Foundation supports civil society groups that work in a consistent and goal-oriented manner towards achieving progressive policy change. A priority is to support new, innovative campaign approaches as well as forward-looking work on topics of strategic importance for the future, in particular initiatives that cannot easily attract mainstream funding.

The Foundation does not under any circumstances support groups involved in violent activities or armed struggle, nor any organisations or projects that directly or indirectly contribute to xenophobia, anti-semitism, racism or other forms of discrimination.

The Foundation has a deep commitment to ‘globalization from below’ and aims to encourage collective learning and pooling of efforts among civil society groups from the South and the North.